Molly & Me Pecans made in Charleston!
Molly & Me Pecans made in Charleston!

Molly & Me Pecans

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  • All natural, gluten free, and farm fresh.
  • Made in Charleston
  • Preservative and additive free
  • Maximum of 4 per order please!

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Sweet Heat Pecans
Bourbon Pecans
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Molly & Me Pecans started in 2008 when Kay Holseberg, along with her dog Molly, started picking up pecans at her family's local farm. She used the fresh pecans to create new delicious treats to share with her family and friends. Today, Kay is still making her farm fresh, all-natural, gluten-free pecans on her own farm and sharing them with everyone - including you!

Sweet Heat Pecans - Combining the crunchy sweet pecans we all love with a little spicy heat, gives these a great flavor and makes for the perfect snack.

Bourbon Pecans - Bourbon Pecans are made with a pecan flavored bourbon and are a sweet delight for all!

All of the pecan flavors do not have any additives or preservatives. They are all natural, gluten free and farm fresh.

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