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Doux South Pickles

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Chow Chow
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Doux South products are made with only natural ingredients. They use no artificial flavoring, emulsifiers, calcium chloride, or preservatives. 

Chow Chow is one of those Southern archetypes of history and tradition at the supper table. Traditionally, it’s a rough chopped relish of cabbage and other garden veggies mixed in a sweet and tart brine. Well, why not let cabbage take center stage for once? Sometimes simple is better and here we’ve paired crisp green cabbage with sweet red peppers, celery seed, sweet onion, turmeric and toasted chili flakes to make a wonderful topper for any dish.

Little Rock Caviar is a medley of black-eyed peas, red and green peppers, onion, garlic, worcestershire, and hot sauce, it got its name because it looked like “real caviar”. With a slight sweetness at the front and a little boldness at the back, it’s a great side. Pour it over a tossed salad instead of a dressing or puree it up and make a southern hummus.

Mean Green Tomatoes. Pickled green tomatoes are about as southern as drinking sweet tea out of a mason jar. With a nice sweet beginning and a tart, earthy under layer, you will finally understand what it’s like to have a true bread and butter pickle. Pickled with sweet yellow onions, turmeric, and toasted chili flakes, our Mean Green Tomatoes leave you with an explosion of flavor. These are a big hit on a burger or cuban.

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